Fire Hydrant Flushing Completed

Monday, June 12, 2023

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City crews recently flushed and inspected a total of 214 fire hydrants in the past few weeks. As a result, a few of these hydrants required repairs and were taken "Out of Service." When hydrants are taken out of service, they are covered or bagged in the field to indicate their non-operational status, and emergency services are informed about it.

Apart from removing sediment from the water lines, the regular flushing of hydrants serves the purpose of determining their flow rates for emergency situations. The Falls City Volunteer Fire Department paints the tops of the hydrants with specific colors corresponding to different flow rates, allowing for quick visual identification during emergencies. The flow rate ranges and their respective colors are as follows:

  • Black: 0-300 gallons per minute
  • Red: 300-500 gallons per minute
  • Orange: 500-750 gallons per minute
  • Yellow: 750-1000 gallons per minute
  • Green: 1000+ gallons per minute

By observing the color of the fire hydrant's top, the Fire Department can promptly assess whether the hydrant can handle the required pumping capacity of a fire truck or if it would be preferable to utilize the truck's booster tank instead.

Any hydrants that are out of service will be assessed and repaired by the city. The City of Falls City, in collaboration with the Falls City Volunteer Fire Department, appreciates your ongoing support for all the first responders in the area.

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