Fire and Rescue


Thirty volunteers with hours of training operate the Fire Department. The equipment consists of a stand-by pumper truck and two new large-capacity pumper trucks. All of this provides the residences of Falls City with a low fire insurance rating of five.


There are excellent emergency medical services. Falls City Volunteer Ambulance Squad was formed in April 1974. There are 28 EMT’s on the squad, none of whom are paid for their services to the community. The squad has three ambulances (all with defibrillators). One is equipped with heavy rescue equipment, “Jaws of Life,” generators, etc. The second is used primarily for long distance transport of patients. The third is primarily used for local rescue calls or on calls in nearby towns.

Two to three-person crews are on duty 24 hours a day. The squad is dispatched through our semi-automated 911 system. The computerized 911 system even allows any existing medical conditions to be documented in the system and given to medical personnel upon ambulance dispatch. Although squad members are strictly volunteers, the average response is 2.5 to 3 minutes from the time of call until the ambulance is rolling out the door. In addition there is access to a nearby air service that can be contacted and have a helicopter on the scene 20 minutes from the time they are called. They can assist ambulance personnel at the scene or transport a patient directly to a trauma center.

Phone: 402.245.4422