Falls City, Nebraska Launches Gas Public Awareness Program

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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The City of Falls City Utility Department to Provide Residents with Information & Safety Tips

Falls City, NE, April, 16, 2021– Falls City, Nebraska owns their own public utility providing natural gas, electric power, sewer and water to residents. To ensure that residents are aware of natural gas safety protocols and have readily available information, the City of Falls City Utility Department worked with their website provider, Golden Shovel Agency, to create an online Gas Public Awareness Program. “We developed this portion of the city’s website to make it easier for us to communicate with residents about all issues related to natural gas. Now, if there is an update we can provide it quickly and residents have a singular destination for information,” said Gary Jorn, City Clerk-Treasurer. 

Ray Luhring, Utility Superintendent, said, “We prioritize the safe delivery of natural gas to Falls City businesses and residents. Communication is an important part of our safety strategy and now we have a convenient way to do so that extends beyond the mail inserts we have been sending to customers in their utility bills.”

On the Gas Public Awareness Program section of the website, visitors can access information on how to recognize a gas leak, what steps to take if there is a leak, carbon monoxide safety tips, natural gas facts and safety tips, installing an excess flow valve and “call before you dig” contact information. The city’s utility brochure is also available for download on the website, for those who prefer a digital copy over the printed version. Marc Ramsey, Gas Superintendent, explained what the city is hoping to achieve, “It was important for us to share this information with the public. For example, many residents don’t realize the importance of calling before they dig and that it’s a legal requirement to do so - for their own safety. We have provided this information front and center now so that residents can make smart choices that will protect their families and our community.” 

For more information, visit http://www.fallscitynebraska.org/utilities/falls-city-gas-public-awareness-program

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