Has COVID-19 Made You Consider Moving to a Town Like Falls City?

Thursday, July 16, 2020

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The recent global pandemic has given many people a reason to reevaluate where they live, how they work and where they want to raise their family. For many, the question has become, “Do I really want to live in a big city or crowded suburb?” Granted, both offer unique benefits such as access to a wider range of cultural activities. But, the past five months have shown that amenities like museums are easy to shut down, as can city parks and playgrounds. Then, what’s left is a small condo or home in a high-priced neighborhood. 

In Falls City, our community members experienced COVID a little bit differently. Granted, there were some closures for safety precautions but our community was not hit hard like New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and major suburbs. As a result, we weren’t required to shut down to the levels that some of these cities are still at today. 

When it comes to social distancing and staying safe, small towns really shine. There is more room to spread out here so even walking down Main Street allows for people to social distance without being shoulder to shoulder like they are in crowded suburbs and cities. People also know each other, which is a significant advantage because it means that people help each other out and if someone were to get sick it’s easier to know where they have been and who they were in contact with. This is difficult in larger cities where just buying milk can be crowded – even with a mask on. 

Our residents appreciate the wide open spaces in and around Falls City, how it is possible to take a walk while safely social distancing, and how pretty it can be picnicking in Stanton Park. The benefits of living in a more rural city like ours is that you have the option to get outside and enjoy recreational activities, even in the midst of a global pandemic. From Falls City you can easily –

  • Go fishing
  • Ride bikes on trails or throughout town
  • Hike
  • Hunt
  • Swim

It’s a lot harder to get bored under quarantine when you have fun outdoor activities to keep you and your family occupied. 

Another benefit of living in a smaller town is that housing is affordable. For anyone who has felt cramped in their home or apartment during COVID-19, consider how much easier it would have been if you and your family could have spread out, had multiple living spaces, a home office or individual bedrooms for the kids. It’s possible in Falls City because our average home price is only $80,600. Speaking of affordable, lowering your housing cost could provide more flexibility at work and the option to work remotely instead of going into the office. 

Where would you want to live during another pandemic?

Unfortunately, it’s possible that something like COVID-19 could happen again. The question then becomes – where would you want to live during it? If the answer is in a community where people know and support each other, housing is affordable and you can easily get outdoors to enjoy recreational opportunities, then Falls City, Nebraska should be on your short list. We encourage you to learn more about our community and the benefits of living and working here.

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