Falls City Aquatic Center will open on June 15, 2020

Friday, June 12, 2020

Falls City Aquatic Center will open on June 15, 2020 under the following guidelines and DHM’s in place by Governor Ricketts:

General Rules

  • appropriate signage will be placed prior to entry and throughout pool area
  • 3 open swim sessions 90 minutes in length (1 pm, 3pm and 5pm)
  • lap swimming and aerobics from 7pm to 745pm
  • capacity of the pool will be 100 patrons per session.
  • signup will be required the day before to secure your attendance for the following day. -patrons can call the Aquatic Center between 1pm to 7pm to make reservations. 
  • patrons swimming will have their temperature checked, no person with a temperature over 100 will be admitted
  • patron’s names, phone numbers and temperature will be maintained daily
  • patrons will be required to shower in their swim suits with soap before entering the swim deck
  • high touch surfaces around the pool and in the bath house will be disinfected between sessions
  • no city owned seating will be available, patrons must bring their own seating or sit on the ground. Social distancing must be maintained when sitting outside of the pool.
  • concessions will not be available, the water fountains will be closed, patrons may bring clear bottled water in. No outside food allowed
  • no pool parties will be allowed until further notice.
  • pre-purchased pool passes will be honored for 2021 season.
  • pool fees will be $2 each session and $1 for lap swimming and aerobics (7 pm to 7:45pm only)
  • swimmers can only attend one session per day unless there is availability during other sessions.
  • punch cards can be purchased from the aquatic center.


  • patrons will register the day before to attend the aquatic park. Registration can be made by calling (402) 245-3214 starting on Friday June 12 during normal working hours, noon to 7pm.
  • patrons will remain in the vehicles until their name is announced on the loudspeaker to proceed to the screening area (gazebo)
  • patrons will need to arrive already dressed in appropriate swimming attire, changing rooms will not be available
  • patrons will wear mask during screening and the admission process.
  • patrons will enter through the main gate and exit at the gates located to the north west by the splash pad.
  • patrons must follow social distancing guideline in the pool and only be in their family units when not in the pool.
  • patrons can attend additional sessions if the session is not full


  • Employees and staff will be screened prior to being allowed to work.
  • Employees employed at the screening station and at admissions will wear masks at all times.
  • Employees will clean high touched areas during the 30 minutes allotted between sessions.
  • Deck support staff will monitor patrons for social distancing while in and out of the pool.
  • Life guards will always maintain the safety of patrons in the pool.
  • Employees will follow social distancing guidelines. 








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