Falls City Water Project is an Investment in the Future

Monday, October 15, 2018

An investment in infrastructure is an investment in the future growth of Falls City, making improvements an important part of the City’s long-range plans. Some of those recent investments have been directed towards the local water utility.

Falls City provides safe and reliable utilities for all residents.

Historically, Falls City’s public water system received its raw water supply from eleven wells that ranged in capacity from 200 to 250 gallons per minute. These wells pumped water into a treatment plant for iron and magnesium removal before pushing the water into clear wells equipped with high service pumps. The plant then pumped the water to the city. Once there, finished water is stored in 500,000 gallon reservoirs before being boosted into the city's water tower, which is then used as a distribution system.

The city determined that this system was no longer adequate. It was determined that a new horizontal collector well was necessary to replace some of the existing wells. This decision was made because, in 2011, the Missouri River basin experienced flooding, an event that jeopardizes the City's water supply. Though the water supply was not impacted at that time, it was clear that future flooding could have consequences for the City's ability to supply safe drinking water. The horizontal collector well is designed to be above flood elevation in order to eliminate these concerns. The collector well is a replacement to the seven system wells that have been used up to this point. The three newest wells will be kept in service to be used with the horizontal collector well to ensure an adequate water supply.

To help fund the project, the City has received a 20-year loan at an interest rate of 2% that will cover the majority of the project cost. The loan will be repaid through revenues derived from the Falls City water utility. A portion of the loan will also be forgiven by the state, helping to offset some of the initial investment cost.

The City is making an investment in the future.

According to Falls City Edge, “...these important improvements are the building blocks necessary that will help Falls City continue down a successful path of growth and development.”

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