Meet John Falter

Monday, February 12, 2018

Did you know that famous people have come out of Falls City? John Falter is one of them. There is even a museum in his honor. Opened in May of 2015, the museum features works from this famous illustrator. On display are his 129 Saturday Evening Post covers, original jazz works and prints, works on loan from local collectors and his Philadelphia studio.

He graduated from Falls City High School in 1928, went on to have an incredible career and is part of Falls City’s heritage.

He said, “It has been my hope to record what is probably the last of the great tradition of farming, of river life, of the domestic life so closely related to it, and of the small bits of peace and serenity that only exist close to nature. In treating what is, to me, a profoundly appealing subject, I have tried to be completely impersonal; it has been my wish to observe and record, to document and to commend the poetic way of life I have observed in many parts of America, from the Amish men of Pennsylvania to the cat fishermen of the Missouri River.”

We invite you to see how beautifully he preserved it by visiting the John Falter museum.

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