Take a Stroll Through Nebraska’s Natural Beauty

Monday, April 10, 2017

Is your knowledge of your city’s greenery limited to the potted plant on your desk or the bushes lining your driveway?

If so, a visit to the Itha-Krumme Memorial Arboretum may be just what you need. A visit to the arboretum doesn’t just provide an opportunity to observe a wide variety of trees, flowers, and more; it also provides an ideal way to relax and breathe in the crisp, clean air as you stroll through more than 2.2 acres of land.

Located next to Stanton Lake Park in Falls City, Nebraska, the Itha-Krumme Memorial Arboretum is home to more than 70 different species of plants that are native to Nebraska and the surrounding region. Come and take a stroll across the paved pathway, or rest for a moment on one of the six comfortable benches located throughout the arboretum.

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