Falls City Library and Arts Center

Monday, July 18, 2016

At the center of both entrepreneurship and entertainment is knowledge, and in Falls City, the center of knowledge is the Falls City Library and Art Center.

Located at 1400 Stone Street in Falls City, the Library and Art Center has a collection of over 33,000 items. These include books, magazines, computers, video and audio cassettes, games, and more. With twenty new internet accessible computers, a scanner, and a color printer, the Library is prepared to meet your needs.

To learn more about the Library and Art Center, how it serves as a research center for the Tri-State Genealogical Society, or how it works to encourage children to enjoy public libraries, follow the links below:

Library and Art Center: http://www.fallscitylibrary.org/#!foundation/chf0

Falls City: http://www.fallscitynebraska.org/falls-city/municipal-services/library-and-art-center

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