City Codes

Chapter 1. Administration

Chapter 2. Commission and Boards

Chapter 3. Departments

Chapter 4. Health and Sanitation

Chapter 5. Traffic Regulations

Chapter 6. Police Regulations

Chapter 7. Fire Regulations

Chapter 8. Public Ways and Property

Chapter 9. Building Regulations

Chapter 10. Business Regulations

Chapter 11. Zoning Regulations

  • [Editors Note:  Zoning Ordinance was approved on November 7, 2014 for the City of Falls City, Nebraska. Ord. 2014-108(see Falls City Zoning Ordinance)

Chapter 12. Subdivision Regulations

  • [Editor's Note:  Subdivision Regulations were approved on November 7, 2020 for the City of Falls City. Ord. 2014-107 (see Subdivision Regulations)

Chapter 13. Outdoor Wood Furnances