Article 6. Electrical Code

Article 6. Electrical Code

§9-601  ELECTRICAL CODE; ADOPTED BY REFERENCE. To provide certain minimum standards, provisions, and requirements for safe and fire proof installation, methods of connection and uses of materials in the installation of electrical wiring and appliances, the National Electric Code, 2017 Edition, NFPA 70-2017 as adopted by the National Fire Protection Association printed in book or pamphlet form and as amended from time to time by the Nebraska State Electrical Division, is hereby incorporated by reference in addition to all amended editions as though printed in full herein. All prior ordinances in conflict herewith shall be and are hereby repealed. One (1) copy of the National Electrical Code is on file at the office of the Municipal Clerk and are available at any reasonable time. (Ref 18-132) (Amended: Ord. #2005-101) (Amended: Ord. #2007-105)(Amended: Ord. 2018-106)

§9-602    ELECTRICAL CODE; INSPECTION AND CERTIFICATES. New, upgraded, and temporary services as well as all commercial electrical work shall be permitted inspected by the Nebraska State Electrical Division.  All other electrical work for which a Building Permit is required shall be inspected by the Electrical Inspector or his duly authorized agent.  The Building Inspector shall be the designated Electrical Inspector unless the Mayor and City Council appoint a separate Electrical Inspector.

Except for those items designated to be permitted and inspected by the Nebraska State Electrical Division, the completion of any installation of electrical equipment for which a permit is required, before power is connected thereto, the person making the installation shall notify the Electrical Inspector who shall inspect the installation as soon thereafter as practicable.  Where the Electrical Inspector finds the installation to be in conformity with the provisions of this Code, he shall issue to the person making the installation a certificate of approval, with duplicate copy for delivery to the owner, and shall file a duplicate of such approval with the Municipal Clerk.  When any electrical wiring or equipment which requires a permit is to be concealed by the permanent placement of parts of a building, the person installing the equipment shall notify the Electrical Inspector and such equipment shall not be concealed until it has been inspected and approved by the Electrical Inspector.  On large installations, where the concealment of equipment proceeds continuously, the person installing the electrical equipment shall give the State Electrical Division due notice and inspections shall be made periodically during the progress of the work.  The Electrical Inspector shall make inspections of all electric wires and apparatus within the Municipality where wires or apparatus are in dangerous or unsafe condition, or are deemed to be an interference with the work of the Fire Department, he shall notify the person owning, using or operating them to place them in a safe, secure, and non-interfering condition.  Any person failing, neglecting or refusing to make the necessary repairs or changes required by the Nebraska State Electrical Division or the Electrical Inspector within a reasonable time after the receipt of said notice, shall be deemed guilty of violation of this Chapter, and everyday after the expiration of such reasonable time until the wires and apparatus are repaired, removed or changed as required by the Electrical Inspector shall be considered a separate offense. (Amended: Ord 2007-106)

§9-603    ELECTRICAL CODE; CONNECTIONS TO INSTALLATIONS.  No person shall make a connection from a supply of electricity, to supply electricity to any electrical equipment, or to use or operate equipment for the installation of which a state permit is required or which has been disconnected or ordered to be disconnected by the Nebraska State Electrical Division, until such connection or use has been authorized by the Nebraska State Electrical Division.

§9-604    ELECTRICAL CODE; RIGHT OF ENTRY.  The  Nebraska State Electrical Division Inspector or City Electrical Inspector or competent assistant appointed by him shall have the right during reasonable hours to enter any property in the discharge of his official duties, or for the purpose of making any test of the electrical apparatus or appliances located there and for that purpose he shall be given prompt access to all buildings, private or public, and to all premises and properties on application to the company or individual owning or in charge or control of the same.  If entry is denied the Electrical Inspector may seek an administrative search warrant to gain entrance to the premises.

§9-605   ELECTRICAL CODE; INTERFERENCE WITH INSPECTOR.  No person shall interfere with the Nebraska State Electrical Division Inspector or the Electrical Inspector or any competent person lawfully deputized to assist him, while in the performance of duty.

§9-606    ELECTRICAL CODE; NEGLIGENT CONSTRUCTION.  This Article shall not be construed to relieve from or lessen the responsibility of any person installing, operating, or controlling any electric wiring or apparatus for damages to anyone injured thereby, nor shall this Municipality be held as assuming any liability by reason of the inspection authorized herein or certificate or permit issued pursuant to the provisions of this Article.