Article 3. Garbage Disposal

§4-301   Falls City Code  §4-307

Article 3. Garbage

§4-301   GARBAGE; DEFINED.  The term "garbage" as used herein shall be defined to mean kitchen refuse, decayed waste, dead animals, or anything that may decompose and become offensive to the public health.

§4-302  RUBBISH; DEFINED.  The terms "rubbish" or "trash" as used herein shall be defined as discarded machinery, chips, pieces of wood, sticks, dead trees, branches, bottles, broken glass, crockery, tin cans, boxes, papers, rags, or any other litter or debris that is not an immediate hazard to the health of the residents of the Municipality.   

§4-303    WASTE; DEFINED.  The term "waste" as herein defined shall mean cinders, ashes, plaster, brick, stone, sawdust, or sand. 

§4-304   GARBAGE; TRASH, AND WASTE.  It shall be unlawful for any person to keep in, on, or about any dwelling, building, or premise, or any other place in the Municipality, decayed vegetable or animal substance, garbage, or refuse matter of any kind that may be injurious to the public health or offensive to the residents of the Municipality unless the same is kept in receptacles as nearly air-tight as may be practical.  It shall be unlawful to throw or sweep into the streets, alleys, parks, or other public grounds any dirt, paper, nails, pieces of glass, refuse, waste, or rubbish of any kind.  It shall be unlawful for any person to depose of garbage, refuse, waste or rubbish other than through a legal public collection service business or a legal land fill operation.  No person may permit garbage, rubbish, waste, or refuse to collect and all persons shall remove the same from their property within twenty-four (24) hours after being notified to do so by the City of Falls City.  Any person having garbage, rubbish, waste, or refuse that is subject to decay or fermentation within a short period of time shall be required to place the same in a standard garbage can with a tight cover, or a durable plastic container that is securely tied at its opening.  (Ref.  19-2106 RS Neb. City Code Section 4-401, 6-401 and 6-404) (Ord. 2011-101)

§4-304.01 SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL; YARD WASTE; DEFINED.  The term "yard waste" shall mean grass and leaves. (Ref. 13-2016.01 RS Neb.) Added Ord.95-109.

§4-305   UNLAWFUL DEPOSIT.  No person shall deposit, place, throw, or sweep any waste paper, cans, junk, ashes, garbage, dirt, waste material, refuse, trash, or other objectionable material constituting a nuisance into any street or alley, or throw or dump the same upon any vacant lot within the Municipality.  No trash, garbage, or other substance shall be deposited in or left upon any street or alley so that the drainage thereof is affected in any way.  

§4-306    LITTERING.  No person shall knowingly place or cause any paper or other material to clutter or litter the streets or any property, where it can become an obstruction or nuisance, or where the same may be blown about.   

§4-307    LEAKING LOAD.  No person shall drive or move on any street a vehicle which drops, sifts, leaks or allows to escape material from its load.