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Private and corporate aircraft regularly use Falls City’s municipal airport, Brenner Field. It handles over 4800 landings per year. There is a 4000-ft. hard surfaced all-weather runway #14-32 with NDB and GPS approaches. There is a new terminal building with a 160 x 400-ft. concrete apron. In addition to the terminal building, a new 70 x 100-ft. maintenance hangar can accommodate eight single-engine aircraft at once. Additional hangars house 25 aircraft.

The local airport is not only a busy air traffic and maintenance center, in also provides weather and flight information on a round-the-clock basis. Equipped with computerized WSI Pilot/Vector weather information that allows pilots to obtain weather reports for all over the United States.

The local fixed base operation provides aircraft rental, flight instruction, fuel (100 LL and Jet A), repair and maintenance of piston powered single and multi-engine aircraft.

The facility includes a comfortable pilot lounge and a courtesy car that is available and can be reserved. Four motels are available within three miles of the airport. Eight restaurants and several fast food facilities are also available.

Falls City Airport
Phil Chaffee
3301 N. Business Parkway
Falls City, NE 68355

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