A Heritage Nebraska Main Street community

Utility Statistics


Supplier: Falls City Utility Department
KW Capacity: 21,116
KW Peak Demand: 15,100
Additional Sources: Omaha Public Power District; Western Area Power Association; Nebraska Municipal Power Pool


Water supplied by: Falls City Utility Department
Source of city water:Wells
Number of wells: 11
Average depth of wells: 65 Feet
Capacity of water plant: 1,500 Gals./min.
Average consumption: 750,000 Gals./day
Peak consumption: 1,400,000 Gals./day
Storage capacity: 2,000,000 Gals.
Hardness (ppm): 175
Treated: Yes
Temperature range: 56 F


Type of sewage treatment plant: Extended Air Activated Sledge
Capacity: 1,400,000 Gals./day
Present load: 650,000 Gals./day
Peak Capacity: 1.4 mgd
Sewer use charge: Yes

Natural Gas

Natural Gas service available: Yes
Supplier: Falls City Utility Department

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