Article 5. Franchise Agreements

Article 5. Franchise Agreements

§10-501 FRANCHISE; TELEPHONE. The Governing Body has granted to the Southeast Nebraska Telephone Company the authority to maintain, and operate a telephone system within the Municipality. Actual details of the agreement, and the present telephone rates, charges, and fees are available at the Municipal Clerk’s office.

§10-502 FRANCHISE; TELEVISION. The Governing Body has granted to the Falls City Cable TV Company the authority to maintain, and operate a television station, and transmitting system in the Municipality. Actual details of the agreement and the charges, rates, and fees are available at the Municipal Clerk’s office.

§10-503 FRANCHISE; SECURITY AND FIRE ALARM SYSTEM. The Governing Body shall grant a franchise within the Municipality for a security and fire alarm system connected to the police and fire station of the City of Falls City and shall grant the holder of the franchise exclusive authority to construct, maintain and operate a Security System connected to the Falls City Police Station and a fire alarm system connected to the Falls City Fire Department. The actual selection of the franchise holder and the terms of the franchise agreement which shall be for a five (5) year period shall be made by resolution of the Governing Body. Actual details of the agreement, and the present charges, rates and fees to be available at the Municipal Clerk’s office.

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