Article 4. Housing Code

Article 4. Housing Code

§9-401 PROPERTY MAINTENANCE CODE: ADOPTED BY REFERENCE. To provide certain minimum standards, provisions, and requirements for safe and sanitary maintenance of existing structures and premises, the International Property Maintenance Code, 2012 Edition, as published by the International Code Council, Inc. in book form, is hereby incorporated by reference as though printed in full herein except that the following sections of which are hereby revised; Section 101.1. Insert: City of Falls City, Section 103.5. Insert: Permit fees shall be governed by the provisions set out in Chapter 3, Article 10 of the Falls City Municipal Code, Section 303.14. Insert: May 1 to September 30. Section 602.3 Insert: October 1 to April 30. Section 602.4. Insert: October 1 to April 30. Delete Section 111 and all subparts thereto except for subpart 111.1 which shall read as follows: 111.1 Application for Appeal.  Any person directly affected by a decision of the code official or a notice or order issued under this code shall have the right to appeal to the board of adjustment provided that a written application for appeal is filed within 20 days after the day the decision, notice or order was served.  An application for appeal shall be based on a claim that the true intent of this code or the rules legally adopted thereunder have been incorrectly interpreted, the provisions of this code do not fully apply, or the requirements of this code are adequately satisfied by other means, or that the strict application of any requirement of this code would cause an undue hardship. One (1) copy of the International Property Maintenance Code, 2012 Edition, is on file at the office of Municipal Clerk and is available for public inspection at any reasonable time. (Ref. 17-1001, 18-132, 19-901, 19-922 RS Neb.) (Amended: Ord. #2002-103; Ord. #2008-104; Ord. #2019-100)

§9-402    HOUSING CODE; SWIMMING POOLS.  No person shall construct any outdoor swimming pool in the Municipality until a building permit shall have been obtained from the Municipal Clerk.  The Municipal Clerk shall furnish a form upon which application is made, which form shall request all the information made necessary by ordinance.  Such pool shall be appurtenant to the private residence of the owner and shall have a fence constructed around the pool so that small children are not able to enter the pool area inside the fence except through the residence or gate which at all times shall remain locked, except when in use by the owner.  In no case shall the fence required by this section be less than six feet (6') high.  Failure to construct a fence around the pool or failure to keep any gate in said fence locked when not in use shall be deemed an offense and a nuisance, and as such, shall be penalized as provided in this Chapter, or as provided in the Health and Sanitation Chapter of this Code.

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