Southeast Community College Provides Educational Opportunities in Falls City

Friday, June 21, 2019

The Southeast Community College (SCC) Learning Center in Falls City is providing residents of all ages with the opportunity to expand their education, gain business skills, learn a new hobby and prepare for the next stage in their careers. With programming that is determined by the needs of the community, the SCC Learning Center is offering a full range of credit and non-credit courses.

Students Can Earn a Certification or Work Towards a Degree

Beginning in high school, students are using courses provided by SCC to prepare them for the workforce. For example, five Falls City High School students recently completed their Certified Nursing Assistant (CAN) certification through the Southeast Nebraska Career Academy Partnership offered at the high school. The program allowed them to take dual credit courses, explore a career in nursing and graduate high school with the skills and certifications necessary to enter the workforce. Now, they can choose to either begin working right away or to continue with their education.

In addition to the CNA program, high school students and graduates can take dual credit courses in subjects like project management, microeconomics, nutrition, history, government and English. As credit courses, they can count towards an Associates of Arts degree as well. As an added advantage, taking these courses provides an easy way for students to become acclimatized to what is expected of them in college, while still living in their hometown.

Business and Workforce Development Courses Are Also Offered

The Learning Center at Falls City offers a selection of noncredit workforce opportunities that serves the region as well.  Working professionals and entrepreneurs can take courses designed to enhance their skills, prepare them for a new career or become recertified in their trade. These business and workforce development courses include business leadership, finance, marketing, software, computer, and coding courses. In addition, welding and healthcare courses are offered for professionals entering the industry or needing to be recertified. Together, these courses are designed to help Falls City residents become even more competitive in the workforce.

The SCC Learning Center is a Place to Learn Hobbies and Make Friends

Falls City residents who are not looking to earn a degree or enhance their skills at work, are still flocking to programs offered by the Learning Center. Only this time, it’s for fun. They offer a wide variety of personal enrichment classes like Bob Ross painting classes, Adobe Photoshop, cake decorating and pickleball. Residents also head to the Learning Center for help picking Medicare plans, learning how to use a smartphone, and learning to use the computer.  

A Valuable Community Asset

The SCC Learning Center is a true asset to Falls City and is making an impact on our community.  Since their courses are offered based on the needs of the community, there are opportunities to influence what courses and programs are offered in the future – making the SCC Learning Center a true community partner.

Learn More

To explore their course offerings or to learn more about the SCC Learning Center, click here.


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