2017 Total Solar Eclipse in Nebraska

Monday, August 07, 2017

On August 21, 2017, the path of a total solar eclipse with cross diagonally over the entire length of the state of Nebraska. The entire state will experience at least a 90% solar eclipse, meaning that 90% of the sun will be hidden from view, casting a large shadow over the state. Anyone within the path of totality (shown below) will be able to witness a total solar eclipse for about one to two and a half minutes. 

Be Prepared and Enjoy Safely!

You MUST wear eye protection unless the total solar eclipse is over you. Even if a sliver of the sun is still visible, it can permanently damage your eyes.

The number of visitors along the eclipse's path may be in the hundreds of thousands, coming from other parts of Nebraska, surrounding states, and all over the world. Lodging and camping locations may already be filled. A large amount of vehicle traffic may be coming into the area on the day of the eclipse. Depending on weather conditions, people may also be travelling around to get the best view away from clouds.

Communities large and small are holding events the weekend prior to and the day of the eclipse. These are the best and safest places for viewing. 

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