Bringing the Next Generation of Emergency Response to Richfield

Monday, January 23, 2017

When you are facing an emergency, every second matters. An accurate and efficient emergency response system saves lives.

In Richardson County, Nebraska we are upgrading our emergency response system. We’ve seen the extreme speed at which news moves when it is spread via social media, video, and text. By re-engineering multiple communication and and transmission technologies, we aim to move even closer to our vision to create a system that is as close as possible to a “live feed.”

NG-911 will create a network with mobile devices, medical alert systems, personal safety devices, and more to both receive and send emergency communications using video, voice, or text. Just consider the benefits of alerting emergency responders of a car crash with a video clip, or receiving a push notification on your phone warning you of that accident so you can avoid the area.

Learn more about NG-911.

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