Utility Billing Refunds Issued

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

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Refunds for the overbilling of the Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) have been posted to customers accounts. The refund has been issued as a credit, specifically to the PCA billing line, and is reflected on each customers March utility bill. A total credit of $411,753.11 is being issued back to our customers due to the billing error. A total of $170,435.02 has been refunded to residential customers and $221,404.74 has been refunded to commercial customers. In addition, a total of $21,913.35 is included in the refund for sales tax and/or any penalties associated with the PCA billing line item. Any bill payment extensions granted to customers during this timeframe will not affect the ability for the customer to attain future bill payment extensions. A summary of how customers can view their total credit is as follows:

  • PSN Customers
    • The refund is posted and is viewable on your online account. The online accounts will not detail a negative balance. If you have paid ahead and show a zero balance, the credit will be detailed as soon as a balance due is posted.
  • Level Pay Customers
    • The billing error did not affect your level pay amount and your monthly level payments remain unaffected. Level pay schedules are derived from the previous 24 months of utility billing. The billing error will be detailed in your billing history to reflect the correct usage/cost for future level pay calculations.
  • Paper Billing Customers
    • The refund will be detailed on your next monthly paper bill.

The City of Falls City considers transparency with our citizens of utmost importance, and we apologize for any confusion and inconvenience this issue caused. Additional control measures have been implemented to ensure this error does not occur in the future.

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