Falls City Has Room for Business Expansion

Monday, October 26, 2020

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Shovel ready sites and properties available for occupancy - Falls City has it all. As a community we have focused on improving the infrastructure of our downtown and preparing for expansion, both of our existing industry and expansion that can come from new companies deciding to locate here. Online real estate search tools feature many of these properties so that site selectors and business executives can search for a site or building that meets their needs. 

Real estate and demographic tools make selecting a site even easier

The Falls City Edge website has integrated tools that cut down on the amount of time it takes to find the right property. We understand that location and access to transportation and infrastructure matter, as do the demographics of the local workforce and potential customers. To make it easier to obtain this information and assess the viability of a property we have provided links to the information below -

Click here to access our real estate search tools.

Click here to view Falls City demographics. 

Reasons to locate in Falls City

The assets that make our community ripe for expansion are the same ones that support our existing industry. From transportation assets and easy access to major metros, to a strong and dedicated workforce and job creation incentives – we have a lot to offer companies looking to expand within the region. Some of our greatest strengths are: 

#1Retail hub for the surrounding area

Falls City attracts shoppers and tourists from a regional area spanning Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas. This creates opportunities for downtown retailers and restaurants to serve the immediate needs of the community, but also to attract a much larger audience. Our local Chamber of Commerce has implemented campaigns to attract people driving by on the interstate to drive additional traffic into town. For entrepreneurs with a great idea, Falls City can be an excellent place to launch and grow a business given this access and exposure. 

#2 Access to a transcontinental transportation network

Falls City is within 20 minutes of I-29 - a major NAFTA transportation corridor linking Canada to Kansas City where it connects with I-35 that truckers can take all the way into Mexico. In addition, there are two Class I railroads (BNSF and Union Pacific) serving the city, creating convenient options for transporting raw materials and finished goods. The local Falls City Municipal Airport and nearby Kansas City International Airport offer good air transportation solutions, as does the Lincoln Municipal Airport. As for waterways, the nearby Missouri River offers transportation options in March through October. 

#3 An inclusive and supportive environment

For business owners, Falls City is a breath of fresh air. Here, we support each other and our local businesses. As a city, we seek to make it easy to do business and expand here. Whether that means being available to answer questions and take calls, helping businesses through permitting, or working to find infrastructure solutions for a given challenge, we are here to help. Businesses find that it’s easy to get involved and become part of our community. In addition, the state of Nebraska supports businesses through things like no state property or inventory taxes. 

Featured properties

Though there are many excellent locations to choose from within our community, the following stand out for their unique assets and the opportunities they present to the business community. The Falls City Industrial Park is one. Situated at the crossroads of Highways 73 and 159, less than 20 minutes from I-29 and midway between I-80 and I-70, the Falls City Business Park offers the opportunity to build in a location offering incredible access. Downtown, there are live work buildings for sale like this one - creating the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs who want the ease of living above a store or office. 

Come explore

We invite you to come explore and to discover all that Falls City has to offer. 

For more information on our Downtown Revitalization Plan, click here.

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