Article 4 Plat Specifications

Article 4.  Plat Specifications

§12-401   SPECIFICATIONS; SKETCH PLAN.  The Sketch Plan initially submitted to the City Engineer shall be based on tax map information or some other similarly accurate base map at a scale (preferably not less than two hundred feet (200') to the inch to enable the entire tract to be shown on one (1) sheet.  The Sketch Plan shall be submitted, showing the following information:

A.   The location of that portion which is to be subdivided in relation to the entire tract, and the distance to the nearest existing street intersection.

B.   All existing structures, wooded areas, streams, and other significant physical features, within the portion to be subdivided and within two hundred (200') feet thereof.  If topographic conditions are significant, contours shall also be indicated at intervals of not more than ten (10') feet.

C.   A vicinity map inset to plat indicating the location of the proposed subdivision in relation to near by developments or landmarks.

D.   The name of the owner and of all adjoining property owners as disclosed by the most recent Municipal tax records.

E.   The tax map sheet, block and lot numbers, if available.

F.    All the utilities available, and all streets which are either proposed, mapped or built.

G.  The proposed pattern of lots (including lot width and depth), street layout, recreation areas, systems of drainage, sewerage and water supply within the subdivided areas.

H.   All existing restrictions on the use of land including easements, covenants or zoning lines. (Amended by Ord.  No.  87-109, 6/1/87)

§12-402   SPECIFICATIONS; MINOR SUBDIVISION PLAT.  In the case of minor subdivision ONLY, the subdivision plat application shall include the following information:

A.   A copy of such covenants or deed restrictions as are intended to cover all or part of the tract.

B.   An actual field survey of the boundary lines of the tract, giving complete descriptive data by bearings and distances, made and certified to by a licensed land surveyor.  The corners of the tract shall also be located on the ground and marked by monuments as approved by the City Engineer, and shall be referenced and shown on the plat.

C.   All on-site sanitation and water supply facilities shall be designed to meet the minimum specifications of the State Department of Health, and a note to this effect shall be stated on the plat and signed by a licensed engineer.

D.   Proposed subdivision name, name of the City and County in which it is located.

E.   The date, northpoint, map scale, name and address of record owner and subdivider.

F.   The plat to be filed with the County Clerk shall be printed upon linen or clearly drawn in India ink upon tracing cloth.  The size of the sheet shall be no larger than thirty-four (34") by forty-four (44") inches. (Amended by Ord.  No.  87-109, 6/1/87)

§12-403   SPECIFICATIONS; PRELIMINARY PLAT.  The preliminary plat shall be drawn to a scale of not more than one hundred feet (100') to the inch or larger; shall be plainly marked "Preliminary Plat," and shall include, show or be accompanied; by the following information:

A.   The proposed name of the subdivision, which must not be so similar to that of an existing subdivision as to cause confusion.

B.  The names and addresses of the owner and subdivider, and the engineer, surveyor or landscape architect responsible for the survey or design.

C.   The legal description of the area being platted.

D.   The boundary one (accurate in scale) dimension and location of the property to be platted, and the location of monuments found or set, section lines, contours with the intervals of five feet (5') or less; and, the approximate acreage of the property to be platted.

E.   A date, scale and northpoint, and a key map showing the general location of the proposed subdivision in relation to surrounding developments.

F.   The names and location of adjacent subdivisions and the names of record owners and location of adjoining parcels of unplatted land.

G.   Location of property lines and with width and location of platted street or alleys within or adjacent to the property; physical features or the property, including location of water courses, ravines, bridges, culverts, present structures and other features affecting the subdivision; and the location of all existing utilities with their sizes indicated.  The outline of wooded areas or the location of important individual trees may be required.

H.  The layout or location, numbers or names, and approximate dimensions or widths of all proposed lots; of all building setback lines and easements; and of all streets, alleys, and grounds proposed to be dedicated for public use.

I.   The location and width of proposed streets, roads, lots, alleys, and other features, and their relation to streets and alleys in adjacent subdivisions.  If there are nor adjacent subdivisions, then the key map shall show the location and distance to the nearest subdivision, and how the streets, alleys, or highways in the subdivision offered for approval may connect with those in the nearest subdivision.

J.   Where a tract of land is proposed for subdivision and is part of a larger logical subdivision unit in relation to the Municipality as a whole, the Commission shall require to have prepared a proposed street plan of the entire area, such plan to be used by the Commission and the Governing Body as an aid in further judging the proposed plat.

K.   Any restrictions proposed to be included in the owner's declaration of plat including copies of any proposed deed restrictions.  (Amended by Ord.  No.  87-109, 6/1/87)

§12-404   SPECIFICATIONS; FINAL PLAT.  The final plat shall be accurately and legibly drawn at a scale of one inch (1") to one hundred feet (100') or less, and in ink on a suitable permanent white base.  The final plat shall be on sheets not larger than thirty-four (34") by forty-four (44") inches overall, with width and length in proportion.  All notes shall be mechanically lettered or manually scribed using proper Engineering technique.  The final plat shall include, show or be accompanied by the following information:

A.   The title under which the subdivision is to be recorded.

B.   The name or names of the owners and subdividers.

A date, scale and northpoint, basis of bearings and a key map showing the general location of the proposed subdivision.

The legal description of the area being platted in metes and bounds.  By bearing and distance.

Accurate distances and bearings of all boundary block and lot lines of the subdivision including all sections and U.S. Survey and Congressional township lines.

Center lines of all proposed and adjoining street with their right-of-way width and names.

Lines of all block and lots with systematic method of numbering to identify all lots and blocks.

All building setback lines and all easements provided for public service, together with their dimensions and any limitations of the easements, in addition, the width and location of all private driveways.

Any and all dimensions necessary for accurate location of the boundaries of the site to be developed and of all streets, alleys, lots, easements and dedicated areas. These dimensions shall be expressed in feet and decimals.

All radii, arcs, points of tangency, central angles and lengths of curves.

All survey monuments and benchmarks, found or set, together with their physical description.

Certification by a surveyor or engineer to the effect that the final plat represents a survey made by him, that the monuments shown, found or set are in the positions indicated and that all necessary information is correctly shown thereon.(Amended by Ord.  No.  87-109, 6/1/87)