Library Board

Shirley Allgood
Falls City NE 68355

Tim Heckenlively
Falls City NE 68355

Deb Harris
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Chris Caudle
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Kim Oliver
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The Library Board has the authority to appoint and supervise all employees of the City Library. They establish the rules and regulations for the management, operation and use of the Library.

Through June – 5 Year Term (2 consecutive terms maximum)




ARTICLE  I:   Name


This organization shall be called:  "The Falls City Library & Alts Center Board of Trustees". The Board exists by virtue of the provisions of the Revised Statutes of the State of Nebraska and of the Falls City Municipal Code.  This Board exercises the powers of authority and assumes the responsibilities delegated to it under said Statutes and Municipal Code.


ARTICLE  II:   Members of the Board


Section 1: The Board shall be composed  of five (5) members  who are to be appointed  for individual  terms  of five (5) years, by the Mayor  and Council  of the City of Falls City, pursuant  to law.

Section 2: The members shall take the Nebraska Library Board Member Oath of Office upon appointment, as adopted on June 1, 2016.

Section  3: The terms  of office  shall be staggered  to provide  for continuity  in policy  and orderly transition  of membership.

Section  4: A member may serve a maximum of two(2) consecutive terms; interim or temporary appointments for terms of less than two years shall not be considered a "term".   Term limit may be changed by vote of majority members.

Former board members could contribute to the library and community through a number of ways:

•    Lobby for local, county, and state support

•    Help fundraise

•    Participate in a committee

•    Volunteer in a project

•    Provide occasional needed expertise

•    Become active in the Friends of the Library, Richardson   County Alts & Humanities Council, or Library & Community      Foundation of Richardson County

Section 5: Any member who misses three (3) consecutive meetings without good cause will be deemed to have resigned from the Board.  The Mayor  and City Council  will be immediately notified  that a vacancy  exists.

Section  6: In the event of vacancies  due to resignation, removal  or otherwise, the Mayor and Council of the City of Falls City shall fill such vacancy for the un-expired term pursuant to law.

Collectively the board should strive to have:

•    Business management and financial experience

•    Diversity in age, race and gender

•    Legal knowledge

•    Occupational diversity

e   Varied socio-economic   backgrounds

e    Political  awareness


ARTICLE  III:   Officers and Their Duties

Section  1:  The officers of the Board shall be a President,  a Vice-President, and a Secretary.

Section  2:  It shall be the duty of the President  to preside  at all meetings  of the Board, to appoint Board members  to standing committees, subject to the approval of the Board and to carry out such other duties as the Board or these By-Laws may impose.

Section 3: The President shall appoint a committee to present the annual budget to the Mayor and City Council.

Section 4: The Vice-President shall preside at all meetings of the Board in the absence of the President, and carry out such other duties as the Board or these By-Laws may impose.

Section 5:  The Secretary shall keep a true and accurate record of all meetings of this board, shall issue notice of all meetings, send minutes and agenda to the Board one week prior to the meeting, file copy of the minutes with City Clerk and perform other duties as the Board may impose.

Section  6:  All funds set apart for the use of the library shall be drawn upon and paid out by the treasurer  of the City of Falls City.  A list of such claims shall be reviewed and approved by the Board at the meeting.

Section 7:  Should both the President and the Vice-President be absent from any meeting of the Board, a member shall assume the office of the President.

Section   8:    In the event of the death, resignation, or disability of the President, the Vice-President shall assume the office of the President.

Section 9: In the absence of the Secretary, any Board member may, by motion be appointed to act as Secretary pro tempore.

Section  10: Board members must, as a group, participate in 20 hours of approved continuing education events over a three year period to maintain state accreditation.

Section  11: Board members to budget for Director's and Officer's insurance to include errors and omissions and an indemnity clause.

ARTICLE  IV:   Terms of Office and Elections

The officers shall be elected annually at the regularly scheduled meeting of the Board in the month of January.  The newly elected officers shall assume the responsibilities of their offices effective upon election,  and shall serve for the calendar year, and thereafter, if necessary, until their successors shall have been appointed.   No person shall be elected to the same office for more than three (3) consecutive one year terms.

ARTICLE  V:   Meetings

Section  I:  Regular meetings  of the Board shall be held on the first Wednesday  of each month at the Falls City Library & Arts Center.  Written notice of the time and place of the meeting shall be posted and published by the Secretary in conformity with the provisions of the law of the State of Nebraska.

Section 2:  Special Library Board Meetings may be called by the President or at the request of two Board members.   Special  meetings  may  be called  when  ordinary  Library  business  must  be transacted  prior to any regularly  scheduled meeting  of the Library board.  Any action taken will be taken during a special meeting of the Board, but such items will be automatically placed on the next regular agenda of the Board.  Notice of special Board meetings will be given to all Board members at least 24 hours prior to the convening of such meeting.  Notice to the public will be made by posting the agenda of the meeting on the front door of the library, at the check-out desk and in two public places.

Section  3:  Emergency  Library  Board  Meetings  may  be called by the President  or at the request  of any two Board members  with the concurrence  of the President.  Emergency meetings may be called when   immediate discussion and action by the Library Board is necessary.   At least two hours notice shall be given to all Board members prior to such meeting.  No notice to the public is required.  Actions taken during emergency Board meetings shall be discussed and made a part of the minutes of the next regular meeting of the Board.  Notice to the public of the fact and content of the emergency meeting will be made by posting the agenda of the meeting on the front door of the library, at the check-out desk and in two public places.

Section  4:  Three  members  of the Board  shall  constitute  a quorum  for the transaction   of business.

Section  5:  No Board  member  shall vote  on any matter  if such vote  might  reasonably  be expected  to result in a direct or indirect benefit (other than that received  as a member  of the general public)  to such member  or the immediate  family of such member.  No Board member shall receive any pay or compensation for any services rendered as a member of the Board.  A Board member may be reimbursed for mileage or out of pocket expenses incurred in library business.

Section  6:  Proceedings  of all meetings  shall be governed  by "Robert's   Rules of Order".

ARTICLE VI:   Order of Business

The order of business at the regular meeting shall be as follows: Read Open Meeting Act

Roll Call

Minutes of previous meeting

Agenda approval


Old Business

New  Business Librarian's   report Adjournment

ARTICLE VII:   Committees

Section  1:   Special committees  may be created by the Board to handle  specific matters, with the  Board   President  appointing the Committee President and committee members. Standing committees will be appointed  for Policy, Budget, and Strategic  Planning.

Section  2:  Committee meetings shall be called by the Committee President or the Board President.  The Secretary shall arrange for the notification of each committee member of the meeting. Two committee members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of committee business.

Section  3:   A report by the Committee President shall be presented at the next regular meeting of the Board following the committee meeting.

ARTICLEVIII:   Library Director and Staff

Section  1: The Board shall select and appoint the Library Director to serve at the pleasure  of the Board at the salary schedule set by the City, subject to the review and approval of the Mayor and City Council  and applicable  ordinances  and rules governing  City Personnel.

Section  2:  The Library Director  shall be considered  the executive  officer of the Board  and shall have  the  sole charge  of administration of the library under  the direction  and review  of the Board.   The Director  shall be held responsible  for the care of the building  and equipment,  for the employment  and direction of the staff, for the efficiency of the library's  services to the public and for the  operations  of the library  under  the  financial  conditions  set forth  in the  annual  budget.   The Library Director shall attend all Board meetings.  The Library Director shall have a voice but no vote at Board meetings.   The Board shall evaluate the Library Director annually in January.

Section  3: The Library Director  shall present  a written report at each regular meeting  of the Board, describing the activities  of the Library during the previous  month.

Section 4: The Library Director shall evaluate the staff annually using the standard form provided by the city office.

ARTICLE  IX:    Real estate; sale and conveyance; conditions Refer to the Revised Statutes of the State of Nebraska and Falls City Municipal Code.

ARTICLE  X:   Amendment  of the By-Laws

These By-Laws  may be amended  at any meeting  of the Board by the affirmative  vote  of at least three (3) members  of the Board, provided  notice of the proposed  amendment  has been given at a regular  meeting,  previous  to  the meeting  at which  the proposed   amendment   is presented   for consideration,  and the text of the proposed  amendment  has been on file with the Secretary for no less than twenty  (20) days.