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Brenner Field is a popular destination in Falls City with over 4,800 landings per year. A lot of traffic moves in and out of this airport including private aircraft, small commercial flights, agricultural flights and more. Recently, a new terminal was built to accommodate additional aircrafts. It has a 160 X 400-ft concrete apron. Additionally, a new maintenance hangar was built which accommodates eight single-engine aircraft, in addition to the 25-aircraft hangar that was already in place. In 2014, the airport completed several renovations to include widening the runway from 60-feet to 75-feet, building a north taxi lane and replacing all the lighting for the runway. This 3 million dollar project has increased the functionality of the this already busy airport.

With a 4,000-foot hard surface runway, Brenner Field is an excellent place to land. Pilots landing in Falls City can receive weather and flight information in real-time thanks to computerized WSI Pilot/Vector weather information equipment. This makes flying into Brenner Field even easier.

You can learn more about our airport and recent renovations here.

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