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We love dogs in Falls City but there are certain rules you need to follow if you own one. First, you need to get a license and renew that license annually. For the license to be issued, a fee must be paid and proof of their rabies shot given. The police department will then issue a tag for the dog to wear.

If a dog becomes dangerous or a nuisance, it is unlawful for an owner to keep them. This includes dogs who attacks other animals, runs loose on public property, barks at or chases pedestrians or cyclists, damages public or private property, hurts people, etc.

If you own a dog, it is important to stay up to date on the rules. You can do so by clicking here

Find a Home for these Pets

Please visit the website of The Humane Society of Richardson County to see the animals available for adoption. Homes are urgently needed! Click here to learn more.

Brownville Concert Series

The mission of the Concert Series is to bring professional live performance to Southeast Nebraska. The program is varied and includes classical instrumental, Cabaret performances based on the American Songbook, Jazz (instrumental and vocal), Rock and Roll, Bluegrass, Vocal Recital, Opera and a specially commissioned Christmas Gala. Learn More

Famous Falls Cityans

Magicians, atheletes, artists and governors all once called Falls City their. Learn more about famous Falls Cityans by clicking here.