City Council Agenda

Falls City Council Agenda

City Council Chambers, 2307 Barada Street

Falls City, NE 68355

Phone (402) 245- 2707

February 21, 2017

6:00 P.M.


The City Council may vote to go into Closed Session on any agenda item as allowed by State Law.



Announcement of Open Meetings Act.

Roll Call

Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor’s Report.

Consent Agenda

Minutes Approval February 6, 2017.

Agenda Approval.

Police Report Approval.

Treasurer Report Approval.   

Consent Agenda.

Any item listed on the Consent Agenda may, by the request of any single Council Member, be considered as a separate item under the Regular Agenda Section of the Agenda.





Discussion and Action – 2017 Automatic Liquor License Renewals (See Attachment).

Discussion and Action – 2016 Library Annual Report – Librarian Hope Schawang (See Attachment).

Discussion and Action – CWA Union Contract (See Attachment).

Discussion and Action – Wages and Benefits for Non-Union Employees as recommended by the Management Negotiating Committee (See Attachment).

Discussion and Action – Addition to previous destruction of records list (See Attachment).

Discussion and Action – Bid for Dual Fuel Fired Engine Generating Unit #9 Foundation, related equipment foundations and demolition work from AHRS for $263,623 as recommended by the Board of Public Works (See Attachment).

Discussion and action – Authorize acceptance of real estate at 221 West 14th Street from Falls City Recreation Inc. (See Attachment).



Gary Jorn, City Clerk


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