Article 7 Enforcement

§11-701               Falls City Code              §11-703

Article 7.  Enforcement

§11-701   ENFORCEMENT; RESPONSIBILITY.  The provisions of this Chapter shall be enforced by the Zoning Officer and Zoning Inspector. Unless otherwise designated by the Mayor and City Council, the Building Inspector shall be the Zoning Inspector and the Municipal Clerk shall be the Zoning Officer.  Appeal from the decision of the Zoning Officer and Zoning Inspector may be made to the Board of Adjustment as provided in section 11-501.  (Ref.  19-909, 19-313 RS Neb.)  (Amended by Ord.  No.  87-113, 11/2/87)

§11-702   ENFORCEMENT; ZONING CERTIFICATE.  A Zoning Certificate shall be required to erect, construct, reconstruct, alter, maintain, or use any building or structure, or to use any land as herein specified.  When a building permit is required in Chapter 3, Article 11 of this code, said permit shall also be a Zoning Certificate.  Zoning Certificates shall be issued in the same manner as building permits and upon the payment of the fee required by section 3-1104.  It shall be the duty of the Zoning Inspector to determine that the building, structure and premise, conforms with all of the requirements of the zoning ordinance for area, yard, height, parking, loading, open space, signs visibility, landscaping, storage, building location, building design and number of buildings permitted.  The Zoning Inspector shall submit his findings together with a recommendation or granting or denying a Zoning Certificate to the Zoning Officer.  It shall be the duty of the Zoning Officer to interpret the official zoning map, determine if a use or proposed use is proper, review the findings and recommendation of the Zoning Inspector, determine if all requirements for issuance have been satisfied and issue or deny the Zoning Certificate.  (Ref.  19-902 RS Neb.) (Amended by Ord.  No.  87-1213, 11/2/87)

§11-703   ENFORCEMENT; APPLICATION FOR ZONING CERTIFICATE.  To obtain a Zoning Certificate, the applicant shall submit the documents as required in section 3-1102 of the Falls City Municipal Code.  (Amended by Ord.  No.  87-113, 11/2/87)

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