numerous citizens who volunteer their time

City Hall Staff

2307 Barada St.
Falls City, NE 68355
Telephone: 402.245.2851
Fax: 402.245.2741
Office Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday -Friday

Administrative Department Staff

  • Gary Jorn City Clerk-Treasurer
  • Sandra Ferris Deputy City Clerk-Treasurer
  • Julie Deckinger-Secretary
  • Megan Stamper-Secretary
  • Tina Ferris-Utilities
  • Mary Martineau-Utilities

Public Works Department Staff

Telephone: 402.245.2851

  • Gary Jorn/ Street Dept/Prichard Auditorium/Parks and Cemetery
  • Alan Romine/ Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment
  • Ken Simpson/ Building Inspections

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Find a Home for these Pets

Please visit the website of The Humane Society of Richardson County to see the animals available for adoption. Homes are urgently needed! Click here to learn more.